Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Peter's brush with the law

So yesterday was one of those crazy days - things going in every direction. As I mentioned Peter is finally at that height where he can reach up and pull things off tables. He was in the family room and reached up and pulled the phone down.... I was in the kitchen when John figured out the phone was off the hook. I found Peter and the phone - without think I just shut it off and put it away. We sat down for dinner and the phone started ringing, and ringing and ringing - no messages being left. Alexandra suggested we answer - but our rule is no phone calls during family dinner. After dinner John was playing with the boys, I slipped down to get some work done, Alexandra was cooking up a Peruvian dish for dinner tonight when the door bell rung. THE POLICE..... not our favorite 80's band - but rather a true officer of the law. I guess Peter had started off his call to China with 911. The phone calls during dinner was the dispatcher trying to ensure all was OK, since no answer she sent out the police. Oh how embarrassing! I knew something was wrong when I could hear Tommy and Jack getting on Peter's case with just that extra volume and glee like he'd been caught doing something wrong. I came up to make sure all was OK as John was saying goodnight to the good man in blue. Jack and Tommy loudly saying "Peter! you called the police!!!". Peter not understanding a word but enjoying the attention. Fortunately we didn't get in trouble for false reporting or anything. Mental note - keep the phones away from Peter. One of our kids was bound to dial 911 some time..... never thought it would be Peter. Good night - HUGS

Monday, February 16, 2009

Peter... from Baby Bear to Bear Walker

I have been out of touch a bit because the last several weeks have been crazy! Shortly after coming back from Peru I was recruited into a new position at UHC.  It is the spot I wanted to land in three years ago - so a dream come true. I am totally excited!! It is no doubt a huge challenge and phenomenal opportunity. I truly believe God knew I couldn't have taken it on two or three years ago.... but here we are now.... and I am so excited. I completed 99% of my transition work last week - which in itself was emotionally draining - to leave behind people that have helped you grow and become part of your life. But, this is life I guess. So now, on to the new challenges, opportunities and joys. Please keep me in your prayers as I move into this. 

And speaking of challenges and joys - Peter has graduated from "Baby Bear" to "Bear Walker"!! I had mentioned to you that when we had Peter's PT session at The Children's Hospital in Denver - Pat Winders had told us to start working on developing walking skills. Well, late January the special walker we wanted for Peter arrived. Peter took to walking like a duck to water. So if you put your hands under his arm pits or sometimes hold his hands close to his torso he will take steps.... and can walk all around the house. You can tell the concept has clicked and he wants to do it. In addition from one day to the next he mastered the concept of turning and pushing to go down the stairs. We thought he'd never get it - and all of a sudden he just did it. So now he is mobile through all three floors of the house..... nothing is safe! Especially now that he is getting a bit taller and can reach up and pull things off of tables. We have to remember to stop clapping at all that he does because soon he will be a tornado on the loose. 

Anyway - Peter and the walker. It goes a bit fast for him and he tends to just plop. So Tommy came up with the best solution - he sits in the walker and lets Peter take him for walks..... which generally means walking straight until you hit the wall, hit the wall, hit the wall, and hit the wall if you get my drift. Here are the boys! One day he'll learn to turn the thing and then Tommy better hold on tight because I can see this becoming a wild ride some day. 

And then there is Peter's graduation to Bear Walker. As you know Peter has been master of the army crawl for about a year now. I think in his effort to figure out how to actually walk he has figured out the bear walk. So he stretches all his limbs and crawls down the hall like a bear. It is so cool to watch. Then he will push as if wanting to stand - but since he doesn't straighten up his body he just sort of keeps going and lands on this bottom. A couple of times he's pulled up to stand on furniture or the wall and will then let go as if trying to balance himself. Lasts but a split second - but hey! he's trying. His balance isn't great yet - but I think the fact he has the concept and is trying is truly amazingly phenomenal!!! Here's Bear Walker. 

That is about it from this corner of the world right now. 

Love to all, 

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Peru pictures... finally!

About 2am and we are leaving the airport. Our flight to Lima was delayed and we are tired!

Good morning Lima!!

Monday we slept in and then went out walking through Miraflores for over 5 was great to see all my old spots. 

...and new spots - here is Peter at Starbucks with my mom! He can play with a green straw for hours!!

Outside my old school - San Silvestre. It's changed from the big old wooden doors I used to walk through. I hope next time I can go inside and find those spots with so many fond memories. 

Tuesday we loaded up and headed down to the beach house in the afternoon.....

Introducing Peter to the Pacific Ocean..... I forgot how loud it is for someone seeing it for the first time. I was like music to my ears that washed every last ounce of stress away. I even slept with the window open - so that I could fall asleep to it and wake up to it. I didn't realize just how much I missed the crashing waves. 

Wednesday morning was beautiful!! You can see it islands right off the coast that look like a stone whale.

... had breakfast with Grandaddy and then headed down for the morning at the beach

Then we headed down to the hot spot of "Asia" beach so that I could have my most yummy chicken in the world at the "Granja Azul"

We got home late to just enjoyed cheese, crackers and a glass of wine while watching the night waves roll in

Thursday we enjoyed our last day at the beach.... Peter enjoyed digging the sand and putting shells in and out of the tub.  Then we headed back to Lima where I got together with some friends. 

Friday.... Granny's big birthday!! We started off with lunch at Punta y Sal restaurant - oh yummy yummy cebiche. 

The birthday party at the Phoenix club! Granny looked great - she was serenaded by Mariachis that she loves - but of course having Peter there was the best gift...

Saturday we did my tourist shopping - the enjoyed another of my favorite dishes for dinner - anticuchos with an Inca Kola, with picarones for dessert.

The we took a bus tour of down town Lima at night, and visited the biggest water fountain park in the world....

 Sunday did a bit more shopping before catching the midnight flight back to Colorado Springs

Good night Lima......  good morning Colorado!!

Catching up with January

Where did the last 3 weeks go?? My goodness.... unbelievable that Peter and I got home three weeks ago this upcoming Monday. Things have been non-stop go since then!! And suffice to say the proof is in the laundry. If I don't do at least a load a day I am messed up - and I have not done a load a day.... so right now I am battling Mt. of Dirty Clothes!!

So to catch up for January.....

a) PERU - I miss it so much!! The food, my friends, my parents, the beach, the sound of the ocean, the warmth....home! Peter and I both had a great time and really could have used a few more days there. My last day there - the day of my planned launch off the side of a cliff attached to a parachute did not happen, there was no wind. So we shall save that for next time.  I am going to attach photos tonight even if I am up till midnight!

b) Michael's birthday - our man is double digits of one - I can't believe he is 11, and to me a spitting image of John in every way. I was glad to be home to celebrate, even if still worn out from the trip. Michael picked Carraba's for dinner - a family favorite. Of course, we left with a collection of pizza dough creatures. 

c) Ice Fishing - the weekend of MLK, John went on his annual ice fishing trip to the Gunnison area. John has been doing this pretty much since we moved to Colorado - but this was the first year Michael went with him. They headed out on Friday afternoon and fished Saturday and Sunday. While John was skunked (did NOT catch a thing!) Michael was more successful actually catching the biggest fish one day - way to go Michael!! They did stay up an extra day this year, and on Monday went skiing - first time for the season. I think Michael came back with a bruised behind, but enjoyed every minute of his weekend with John. 

I stayed in the Springs with Alexandra, Jack, Tommy and Peter. They were wonderful. My relax came when I met my friend Anne for Starbucks and we spent hours walking through the shops checking out all the sale items.... it was glorious!! The kids and I worked on some projects around this house, had too many trips to Wal-Mart, but ended the weekend with a fun afternoon at the zoo.... it was HOT!!

d) Michael - basketball season has started. Michael really enjoys the sport and it really gives him an opportunity to bond with some of his classmates. The first game was even attended by three of the girls as impromptu cheerleaders..... the boys won't admit it, but I think they liked the attention. 

Aside from that, we have been running around like crazy. Work is hectic, school is hectic, and schedules are hectic. Last night we enjoyed dinner with a family who received a pre-natal diagnosis - just like we did with Peter. I think we've made new friends! I really enjoyed their company, and looking forward to meeting their little girl when she comes into the world about a month or so from now. Tomorrow I start back up with the Colorado Springs Down Syndrome Association - and back into figuring out how to improve the opportunities for our kids. Our "Fostering Hope" group from church just got a new family to support - so I must brush off my casserole recipes and start mass producing meals again. I hope they enjoy them as much as the last family did. So, I can see 2009 will continue to fly into full swing. This being Alexandra's last year at Corpus Christi also presents new experiences for us. 

I hear the dryer beeping.... another load should be ready! I am going to cut this off for now and attach pictures shortly. 

God bless, 

ps. My friends in Peru talked me into if you are out there look me up! I could always use a new friend!!  John is also out there - in case you prefer to be his friend :-)