Saturday, January 10, 2009

Quickie update

I have been completely delinquent - so much for regular updates huh??!! I've just been having way too much fun in Peru - and Peter is the most amazing kid ever! He has just rolled with it like a pro, and is obviously having a great time. I have close to 500 pictures taken, so I do need to weed them out and post a bunch. Peter and I leave around midnight tomorrow to head back to Colorado, and will get there mid day Monday. I promise to post a full update and pictures once I get settled in. Quick synopsis of the trip -
Monday - walked the district of Miraflores within Lima and enjoyed a relaxing evening at home
Tuesday - slept in! we were tired!! then headed down to "Pulpos" where my parents have a beach house. We enjoyed a little time by the water, and then a dinner on the balcony overlooking the ocean. Late that night my Uncle Peter arrived from England to enjoy the summer here.
Wednesday - enjoyed the beach in the morning - took my first dip in the Pacific Ocean and tried body surfing again! Tumbled in the waves and enjoyed the sand between my toes. Then headed down to "Asia" beach where there is an incredible little shopping/dining area - and had my favorite chicken in the world at the Granja Azul restaurant. Got home late, so had wine with cheese and crackers as we watched the waves break.
Thursday - came back to Lima and had a wonderful evening with some of my old friends from school - San Silvestre - British girl's school I attended. I swear my friends never age because they look like they did when we graduated twenty years ago!
Friday - yes, I'm spoiled.... manicure and pedicure day! Amazing "cebiche" lunch at a fish restaurant. Then helping get things taken care of for my mom's special party. In the evening we had the party at the local "Phoenix Club" and it was fabulous! I saw people I hadn't seen in 20 years. My mother was the belle of the ball, followed closely by Peter who was the special guest of honor. These wonderful folks have prayed and hoped for Peter's good health - and seeing him brought so much joy to them. My Tia Janet (Aunt Janet) was even on the floor chasing after people as he crawled around. It could not have gone better!
Saturday (today) - had another gorgeous run along the beach.... oh it was beautiful!! Then we visited with Nilda - my mother's reflexologist who had a young daughter with DS. She was the pillar of strength my mother needed here after our pre-natal diagnosis and the health challenges after Peter's birth. Unfortunately her daughter died unexpectedly from an infection - so holding Peter was bitter-sweet for her. Peter took to her instantly and gave her the hug she needed. Fit in a little shopping and more great food!! Including one of my favorite desserts - "picarones". A deep fried donut made of squash and sweet potato batter and drizzled with a peruvian syrup made from crushed brown sugar cane. Yummy!! Then we took an almost 4 hour bus tour of historic Lima and a local park with amazing water fountains.

Tomorrow we have a lot of little things to do - a little shopping, washing and packing - but, if the weather is good hope to go para-gliding right off the cliff in front of my parents apartment. A bit scared of jumping off a cliff - but hoping the weather will be right to do so.

Anyway - there is a quickie update. Can't wait to share the pics with you and more details on Peter's experiences. I just have to say - Peter is the perfect traveller!!

Love -

Monday, January 5, 2009

We are in Peru!

Yesterday was a very long day! We got up early, early, early to leave the house at 5 something a.m. There was about 4 inches of snow - so I was afraid our flight would be delayed. John took Peter and I down to the airport. Our flight was not delayed, but we spent about 45 minutes in line on the runway waiting to be de-iced. We had a long lay over in Houston, so was not worried. We made up time and landed in Houston at about 11:30 am local time. We strolled around, ate lunch, and strolled some more. Our much anticipated flight to Lima ended up being delayed, and delayed again, and then again. I was trying to keep Peter awake until we boarded, but he passed out in his stroller. We finally took off about 2 hours late. They made up a bit of time on the flight down, but we were still late. Peter was the perfect passenger! We sat in a row on our own and he was easily entertained. We walked the aisle a few times for a break, and he slobbered all over the TV screen in the seat in front of us. I was exhausted, but Peter really was an angel. When we landed I loaded him up in the stroller and headed to battle the line of immigrations. Next thing I knew I was getting whisked down a fast lane by the people who would no doubt be in line for hours. I got checked out , stamped, suitcase and was not even selected for customs check. We were out in no time at all, and at my parents place little before 3am. The door was decorated, the apartment perfect - with priceless views of Lima and the Pacific Ocean at night. And I got to settle in eating a "mousy mousy". When my brother Roger and I were kids, my parents would take us to a local bakery. Roger and I would always pick the pastries that were decorated to look like little mice, and we thus dubbed the bakery "The Mousy Mousy Place".

Yesterday Peter and I slept in. We much needed it. In about 20 minutes Peter warmed up to the new setting and set off to explore the home. Nothing is safe! But he has been gentle with Silver the cat. After lunch I decided I wanted to walk Miraflores - the district of Lima I grew up in. We loaded Peter up in the stroller as my dad and I headed out. We walked along the coast, through shopping sections, parks, and finally to the meeting location with my mom - Starbucks! :-) We had a drink, got a little groceries and then headed out for the last leg of our trip. We walked through my old neighboorhood and I saw homes of old friends, the park I learned to climb tress in and my old home. We then walked a few blocks to my old school which we walked around. Hard to believe it has been over 20 years since I would put on the ugliest school uniform in the world and walk to that same school and through those same gates. That was my home for 12 years - so many memories, wonderful friends, quirky teachers and moments that make up who I am today. We finally made it back to the apartment after 7pm and settled down for more amazing views of the ocean, the sound of the breeze and the sea salt in the air. Truly magical!

Last night was a late night as Peter is on an eating strike, and decided to get a second wind late at night. Finally we shut all the lights off and he got the hint. This morning I decided to go out for a little walk/run.... it turned into almost an hour and a half of exilirating exercise. I ran along the top cliffs of Lima, then down these very long stairs to the beach area and then I ran for what seemed like miles. I ran on the beach, past some old favorite restaurants, watching the surfers head out to catch some waves, and the whole time breathing in the ocean breeze. Then it was time to climb what seemed like a mile of stairs back up - that was a challenge. By then I was a few miles away from my parents place. After catching my breath ran the whole way back. I was red and sweaty and felt GREAT! It is so nice to have so much oxygen and the difference in energy levels is amazing.

Sorry no pics yet - need to dig out some cords from my dad to attach the camara. We are headed out for a couple of days at the beach house - so it will likely be Thursday before I get the pictures all posted. Thursday night I'm having dinner with some old class mates, Friday night is my mother's birthday soiree at a club, and then the weekend before I head home.

Better run so that we can get on the road -

love you all!!