Saturday, May 2, 2009

Peter is almost two!!

Peter will turn two in a week. While he isn't doing all I thought he might this time last year - I am thankful for all that he is doing, able to do, and trying to do. This is going to be pretty short as it is a crazy Saturday at the Krause house!! But I had to share these new pics. 

John gave Peter a new very short haircut.... and he looks so much older as a result. He is still such a tiny little peanut - people think he's coming up to his 1st birthday, not his second - but oh well. I guess skill wise he is about at that level - so I can see why people would assume that. Next picture is Peter's big heart and naughty side all wrapped together. Peter loves his baths..... he and Tommy could spend hours just playing in the bath, pouring water, and trying to swim. John has been taking a night class every night during April - which made the month a bit crazy for all. Well, I was trying to get through the evening. I told Peter it was bath time and I had to get the towels, PJ's ready, his diaper, etc. In about a split second Peter had climbed into the bath and had the water running. Hmmmm!! I know this could be scary - and while he was naughty climbing into the bath with all his clothes on - I feel like in his little heart he was just trying to help get through the evening. I am very thankful nothing happened in that split second but suffice to say the bathroom doors all stay closed now. Anyway - need to get back to the madness, but wanted to share these new photos.  

Also, wanted to ask you to pray for my friend Jaime. His wife was diagnosed with an unusual form of kidney cancer last fall, she has been in extreme pain, but this week lost her battle. I found myself crying for a woman I have never met, and for a wonderful man I am thankful I had the opportunity to work with several years ago. The way he spoke of her was very special - and truly reflective of a great lady. Please keep them, their children and family in your prayers.  

Love - catherine